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As a professional Doula, I will work by your side as you prepare to give birth; present in each moment with a spirit of love and compassion. Whether you are interested in a birthing class, or would like to work with me as your doula, I’ll provide the emotional, educational and physical support you need not only during labor, but throughout your pregnancy and postpartum as well.

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Sarah is my angel! The universe truly worked in mysterious ways to bring us together and I am forever thankful. I got connected with her through Wise Birth Choices’ Doula 911 service. We had our initial phone interview just two days before I gave birth, and as soon as our phone call began I knew I had the girl doula for me! We both come from a truly holistic background in our beliefs about the body, from movement and nutrition to mindset and overall lifestyle.
As far as the labor and delivery, having Sarah there made it seem like a breeze. She was my lifel at home when it started and I didn’t know what to do. Then she met us at the hospital within minutes of us arriving and immediately started helping my contractions. Of course the closer you get to birth the worse they get, but Sarah helped take the edge off in a way I didn’t know possible. I was able to have a medication free natural water birth with her by my side. I am so glad to now have a life long friend in her and cannot wait to hire her for the rest of my babies! I recommend Sarah with all my heart.

Bonnie Ackerman

12 months ago I didn't know what a doula was. Now I can't believe anyone would go through the experience without the assistance of one. We read the books, watched the movies, and heard the stories. Our birth plan was solid, and we know and trust our doctors. We thought we were ready. We weren't. My wife went into labor at night. By the next morning, we hadn't slept for over 24 hours. Things weren't going as planned, and we were getting ready to make some choices. The contractions were intense. Sarah had showed me how to alleviate the pain with pressure points, and "they made the pain bearable," as per my wife. Still, we were both exhausted, and we were going to have to choose a course of action soon. Sarah took over for me in the morning and allowed me to sleep for a couple of hours, which kept my mind ready to help my wife with our upcoming decisions. That alone made hiring a doula worth it. Although we didn’t know it yet, we still had another 16 hours to go on our journey. Sarah’s guidance helped us make the right choices, and kept us on a path that was still very close to our plan. Towards the final couple of hours we still weren’t progressing as we had hoped. My wife was drained mentally and physically. Sarah suggested a few positions that made her more comfortable, and also helped our baby make her way down.
Sarah is also a photographer, and with our permission, she took pictures. We allowed her to take pictures we never thought we wanted, and these are now our favorite photos (though they will never be framed). No one should go through this process without the help of a dedicated professional. Our doctors and nurses were great, but Sarah was there just for us. She helped make the birth of our child as perfect as it could be. There are too many variables that came into play and, without Sarah, and after 30 hours of labor, we definitely would have ended up with a C-section.

Keith Abe

The first time I met Sarah I had a connection with her right away. She was down to earth and provided a lot of knowledgable information. She spoke openly about her personal birthing experiences. She listened to my idea of a perfect birth plan.  ?? The day I went into labor I sent her a text around 3-4 am and she responded right away. By the time I got to the hospital I was a completely different human being And Sarah was 100% understanding. She was so patient and calm the entire time. Sarah was engaged and present. She offered many different techniques to keep me focused and calm; using the birth ball, taking a shower, massages, pressure points, essential oils to help with nausea and anxiety, talking to me, keeping me motivated. 10 crazy hours later I delivered my daughter.  It was a roller coaster ride and I wouldn't have wanted anyone ese as my Doula but her! She also met with us after I went home with baby and she helped with breastfeeding tips and just talked about the birth and how i was feeling overall. 
Shes amazing I love her such a strong woman i definitely admire!

Natascha Rodriguez

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